Caliper CBD Certificate of Analysis

See for yourself what’s in each packet of Caliper CBD!
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What is a CBD Certificate of Analysis?

Every batch of Caliper CBD is tested by accredited third-party labs to ensure safety, quality, and consistency. We believe you have a right to know the results of this testing. That’s why we make our Certificates of Analysis, more commonly known as COAs, available to the public.

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Our Laboratory Partners Test For:
CBD Content
CBD Content
We make sure you get all of the CBD you’re paying for, and nothing less.
Absence of THC
Absence of THC
We confirm the absence of THC, so you can feel better without any high.
Unwanted Contaminants
Unwanted Contaminants
We test for pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, and microbiological contaminants.
How to Find Your COA
We publish a Certificate of Analysis (or COA) for every batch of Caliper CBD. Each batch of our dissolvable CBD powder is identified by a unique combination of letters and numbers known as a lot code. You can search for your product’s COA using this lot code.

Find the printed lot code on your product.

Type the lot code into our search tool.

Click Search to find your COA.


Where's My Lot Code?

Find your lot code on the back of any Caliper CBD packet.


Locate your lot code on the bottom of any Caliper CBD box.

How to Read a COA

Not a scientist? Not to worry. We’ve put together a visual guide that walks you through how to read a Certificate of Analysis, and what the numbers mean.
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