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Caliper CBD 30 Pack

CBD 600mg Total


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How It Works
Add one or two packets of Caliper CBD powder to your favorite food or drink! Watch it dissolve instantly. No taste, no chunkiness. For individual recommendations on CBD dosages, check with your physician or healthcare provider.
Caliper CBD is made with non-GMO, plant based ingredients. All of our CBD is extracted from US grown hemp. It’s combined with MCT oil from coconuts, sorbitol, modified food starch from corn and natural flavors derived from botanical extracts.
Our Guarantee
At Caliper, we believe in daily habits that work for you. After all, our mission is to help you feel better! If you’re not happy with your CBD order, we’ll give you a full refund. Simply reach out to us within 30 days and we’ll make things right!


  1. Gretchen M.

    I received a free sample from pinchme.com and was very impressed with the Caliper CBD powder. The ease of which it mixed in with my coffee and my water(I received two samples) made it a joy to me. It’s super convenient to use and the effects are immediate and long lasting which I need in my line of work. I will be getting a 30 day supply for sure to keep the consistency of this product going.

  2. Linda W.

    Upon seeing I had a extra sample I gave it to a friend that wanted to try it and they liked the effects it had on them it left them less stressed and calm.

  3. barbara w.

    convenient and fast-acting!

  4. Mary M.

    Caliper CBD powder is used when i need to focus and have more energy to do the things I need to get done. I usually add it to my coffee to get my day started on the right track.

  5. NH

    The ease of use is amazing! I love that I can put this in anything and that it’s tasteless. I got a better night’s sleep because this helped me relax and fall asleep faster. I will definitely recommend!

  6. Yuli R.

    Caliper CBD is something that I will take for a very long time. It is a miracle to my stressful live and it doesn’t taste bad at all. Thank you!

  7. Sally

    I received a free sample of Caliper CBD dissolvable powder from Pinchme. The product has no flavor so you can use it in liquid or sprinkle on food. I would recommend this product to a friend.

  8. Samantha C.

    Received a sample from pinch me, I’ve used other CBDs before in the past but I really like how easy this product is to use and how the packaging makes for really easy dosing, will purchase again!

  9. Roxanne

    Very relaxing. Just what I need for a stressful day!

  10. Debbie S.

    I received Caliper CBD Powder as a free sample from PINCHme. It dissolved perfectly in both liquid and food. I love that it is conveniently packaged, perfect for on the go.

  11. Rest for M.

    No flavor and mixed easily with juice. I had a great nights rest. I really think this helped to relax me. I received this as a free sample.

  12. Julie

    I feel much note at ease when I take Caliper CBD. It’s easy to add to a beverage or food.

  13. Brenda S.

    I really liked how easily it dissolved in my smoothies, coffee, etc. And the fact that it’s tasteless and odorless makes it so versatile. I felt like I had more energy without the jitters. I really enjoyed this product.

  14. Bethany

    Easy to use and works great. Helps me to relax and focus on my day, great in my morning cup of coffee. Love this product!

  15. Monica G.

    I was given samples of Caliper™ CBD Dissolvable Powder from PINCHme to try out. I was impressed. I like how it quickly dissolves and I can add it in my tea or my food without it making it taste different. It also made me relaxed and have less stress. I will recommend this to my family and friends.

  16. Jessica

    Recieved this as a samole from pinchme. Very easy to use. Convenient for on the go use. Helps maintain focus. Helps calm during stressfull moments. Love it and will use again.

  17. Elisa

    Great product I got a free sample and I will most likely be purchasing! Simple to use and tasteless! With great benefits! LOVE IT

  18. AUDREY J. M.


  19. Melody

    This is an excellent way to regulate the amount of CBD consumed. I love the ease of use, the ability to take it wherever I go, not dealing with oils etc. Perfect addition to your evening tea for that extra calm.

  20. Lisa

    Caliper CBD powder is very convenient and it easily dissolves in what I am drinking. It makes me calmer and more focused.

  21. Danielle

    I recieved a free sample from PinchMe. I like that you can add Caliper CBD Dissolvable powder to anything. It’s odorless and tasteless. I add it to tea or coffee to help me relax when I’m feeling stressed.

  22. Bethany

    I recieved this as a free sample. CALIPER™ CBD 30 power Really has no taste. It is easy to just kind of put in other food items. It helps you feel relaxed. I enjoyed using it

  23. Shirley

    I received a free sample of Caliper CBD Dissolvable Powder from Pinchme. I really like this a lot. It works very well and I can take it on the go whenever I need to. Tasteless and dissolves well in water and is fine even in food. No weird taste and no chalkiness.

  24. Jess B.

    I enjoyed how quickly Caliper’s CBD Powder went to work and how convenient it was to travel with. No more spilled droppers in the bottom of my handbag!

  25. Danielle H.

    Excellent CBD product!!

  26. MzJuicy85

    The caliper powder helped me relaxed a lot. I will be getting more soon

  27. Wanda T.

    I received free samples of this product. Very easy to use with no taste. I used before bed and slept very well.

  28. Kim F.

    The Caliper™ CBD Dissolvable Powder was easy to use, fast acting, and gave me a destressed mellow feeling. I’m new to cbd usage but this product works well for me.

  29. Sally S.

    Love this product and the results from it ! Glad I got a sample to try , thanks !

  30. Dee G.

    Dissolves quick and easy to use. I added this to food and it blended with it. It did not alter the taste of my food. So i am happy that I was able to try this out.

  31. Ericka

    I love the calming effect of this product. It helped me to relax and focus.

  32. AnaLissa S.

    I received complimentary samples of Caliper CBD from PINCHme for review purposes. All opinions are my own. Caliper CBD is a new product to me. The instructions say “dissolves in anything”. I was making a snack of Umpqua Oats. I’m very happy to report, I could definitely taste my oatmeal; but, couldn’t taste the dissolved Caliper CBD supplement at all. I’m also happy to share, my left arm that’d been giving me grief the entire day was noticeably not troubling me. Generally CBD products don’t aren’t effective for me. I was pleased Caliper CBD was not only effective but also available in a form I could take easily.

  33. Brittany

    Its a good and easy product to have on hand for when you need a pick me up

  34. Cara s.

    Wonderful flavor. Easy to use. This is now a family favorite.

  35. Tracy L.

    I love that Caliper CBD is made with non GMO ingredients and great tasting. It’s easy to use, oderless and it can be mix in food or beverages. I recommend this product to anyone.

  36. Terri

    I received this as a free sample. I have a very active 3yr old, so I tend to get stressed out, a lot. CALIPER™ CBD DISSOLVABLE POWDER is perfect for someone like me. Its fast acting, tastless and odorless, therefore it can be added to anything!

  37. Paula

    Absolutely love it it was very calming for my body works very well

  38. melanie I.

    i love this product. It works as it says. There’s no funky after taste. I will buy again.

  39. Sharani N.

    Good one loved it

  40. Lilly D.

    Thanks to pinchme I could try this producy. I really relax enough I made myself some tea and it mixed very well and most importantly I slept extremely well. I have seen that other people have mixed it in milk, juices and breakfast. For me it works more at night to relax after a day of housework

  41. Tamara Ann C.

    I used the cbd caliper powder and it was amazing! Easy to dissolve and add to any drinks which is great if you have difficulty taking anything in pill form…

  42. Ana L.

    I’m a mom on the go so this is a product I can relate to. The small packets allow me to throw one in my purse or lunch bag and use as needed.

  43. Lea N.

    Caliper CBD is the perfect addition to my morning routine. Whether it’s adding it to my tea latte with breakfast or my post workout smoothie, I’ve noticed a much more calm and focused energy in myself throughout the day. It easily dissolves too which makes it so much more versatile compared to other CBD products! I highly recommend the 30-day pack to get a consistent dose of daily wellness!

  44. Mara R.

    I love the ease of using this product. I use it to help manage several issues. I add it to my evening cup of decaf and it seems to help my legs and helps me wake up rested. If I am having a bed day, I add it to a drink or my coffee and it is just the right amount to help relax me or take the edge off my discomfort. I highly recommend.

  45. Matthew R.

    I love how versatile Caliper CBD is compared to oil tinctures. It’s the perfect addition to my coffee in the morning and my herbal tea in the evening. It helps me stay focused during the day and I get a deep, restful sleep at night. Amazing product!!!

  46. Mary O.

    I have tried cbd tinctures before with no results. This product is very different. I have found relief for my neck and tight back muscles. And I now stay asleep through the night waking more refreshed. I wish I knew about this product when I was struggling through many sleepless nights.

  47. JoyceOfCooking

    I love that Caliper makes taking CBD so easy. It’s tasteless and there’s no sugar or calories, so it really does go with anything, anywhere! I’ve been adding a packet to my morning coffee for a few months now, and it’s really helped with morning stiffness. I never expected it, but headaches haven’t bothered all that time. That’s a first!

  48. Kcoticchio

    Not only have I found relief from mid day work stress, I introduced Caliper to my parents and my Dad has become a daily user! He adds it to his morning coffee to help with his hips that he has been struggling with for years! We love it 🙂

  49. ani_paoletti

    I have always had problems feeling rested in the mornings and have tried a lot of different things, but nothing ever really stuck. But Caliper CBD is so different!! ITS AMAZING I take it right before bed and it helps! I LOVE it!

  50. Meredith N.

    This cbd product is truly amazing! It helps with any soreness I have from working out. It also helps my stress. LOVE it!! 💙

  51. Sskg

    Love this CBD. Works great for relief.

  52. amyschmitz

    Great product! I love that I can trust the quality of the CBD and that it can be mixed into anything!

  53. sethmcalister

    Loving the product so far!

  54. Elizabeth B.

    A truly superb product! I love that it’s so easy to use and completely portable. It’s helped my neck and I wake up very rested.

  55. Coree S.

    With the explosion of CBD products on the market, I am thrilled to have found in Caliper a trustworthy and consistent CBD product. I use the product both morning and evening depending on if I would like help clearing my head for a calm start to the day or winding down to fall asleep – I love the consistent results and versatility of Caliper.

  56. Stephen Von O.

    Quick dissolving, flavorless, odorless, consistent dosaging, and effective…

    Had the most calm, restful sleep of my life last night!

    –Stephen V

  57. yvsc11

    Very good product! certainly helps me! Convenient delivery system

  58. Jenna I.

    I’ve been under a lot of stress recently and I fully credit Caliper for helping me get to sleep. I take it with a glass of water an hour before bed and it helps me to de-tense my body and sleep through the night. (My FitBit confirms I’ve been getting better sleep too!)

  59. Michael E.

    I suffer from my legs. After taking 1 packet, 20mg of CBD per day for 3 days, I felt much better.

    Michael J.

  60. Nicole M.

    I have been looking for CBD to help me get through my day. Caliper was a great option because I could just throw some packets in my purse, car, and office desk and take it whenever I felt like I needed it. So convenient and I can feel it working so fast!

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