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Caliper Swiftsticks Lemonade


How good are our Limited Edition Lemonade CBD Swiftsticks? Sooooo good. Like that tall, cool, refreshing, sweet-tart-bursting glass of lemonade you’re imagining right now.

Even better: Because Caliper is the only clinically proven fast-acting CBD,* you don’t have to wait to feel great! Just pour on your tongue and let it dissolve lemoniciously.

But don’t wait to get your taste! Supplies are limited and going fast …


  1. These legit taste like lemonade and work fast, it’s crazy.

    DJ O.

  2. Can’t wait to try these! The other ones are awesome.


  3. The best Swiftsticks flavor yet! (And I love them all.) Unlike so many lemon-flavored products out there that taste like furniture polish, this one really does taste like freshly-squeezed lemonade. And I started feeling better in minutes, right when I needed it. Ordering more!

    J C.

  4. You know what’s better than ultimate (CBD) relaxation? Refreshing relaxation. Summer is here, and the new lemonade Swiftsticks flavor is *doing it for me*. If you like feeling good, and you like flavor, this one’s for you.


  5. Tastes like summer! The lemonade flavor is the perfect level of sweetness, it’s so refreshing! I love taking one when I get back from a mid-day run!

    Nicole C.

  6. I am in LOVE with cool mint. I tried some of these Lemonade as a special sample, and they are my new favorite flavor. I feel like I need to hoard them, because I don’t want them to go away.


  7. My old favorite flavor was taking a lemon lime and mixed berry at the same time. My new favorite flavor is lemonade. Tried these as a special sample and they are AWESOME. Already bought a tin.


  8. These legit taste like lemonade, and work super fast. I’m so impressed by these. I’ll be buying more asap!


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