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After all that has happened in our world this year, you probably feel the father(s) in your life deserve an extra special gift. Indeed, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, dads all over the world have been taking on more parenting tasks than ever before, from home-school teaching to daycare and meal planning. And  many of them have been doing it all while working from home. So somehow, a coffee mug just doesn’t cut it this year as a way to celebrate all the things they do as fathers.  But what does?

We polled our dads, families and friends about the most memorable Father’s Day gifts they’ve given or gotten. Some of the answers surprised us! Here are the gifts that meant the most.

Somehow, a coffee mug just doesn’t cut it this year as a way to celebrate all the things fathers do.

  1. A card with your message, not the card company’s. Take the time to write a heartfelt message in a Father’s Day card, expressing what makes your Dad special to you. It could be something general (“you’ve always supported me with love, not judgment”),  specific (“thanks for rescuing me when my car died”) or lovingly goofy  (“thank you for not making us listen to Yacht Rock”). Not sure where to begin?  Here are some tips to get you started. (p.s. A handmade card is nice, but don’t worry if you’re not up to the task. It’s the message inside that counts!)
  2. Something that celebrates his passions (and weird hobbies). Whatever a dad is passionate about is an expression of his soul—whether it’s grill cooking, fixing old motorcycles, training for century runs, collecting vintage doorknobs, or binge-watching classic comedies. A gift that honors those passions sends the message that “I celebrate you for just being you.” It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive; our Art Director Meghan O’Connell likes to give her active dad things like “hiking socks, and other items to help him do activities he likes doing.” Tom Fitzgerald, our Senior Sales Manager loves to tinker, and treasures this book of inside looks into all kinds of gadgets.
  3. A memory he can display.  Dads told us they appreciated getting something they could hang on their wall or display on their workspace, to remind them of their family’s love. “I don’t usually take the time to print or frame photos of my family, but I love having them,” says Josh Crosier, our National Sales Manager. Logistics Specialist Autumn Myers and her daughter painted “we love you” on a canvas in her husband’s favorite colors, with “a sweet message” on the back. “It now hangs on our family art wall!”
  4. Elyse Singer, our Director of Internal Operations, has a dad who loves listening to vinyl in his (often chilly) basement home theater, so she had a fleece photo blanket made with pictures of his grandson. “Now he can ‘hang out with his grandson’ while listening to fantastic classic rock, at volumes that rattle the kitchen just a little bit!”


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