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We were skeptical about CBD, too.

Our promise

Caliper was founded on the idea that CBD has a variety of benefits when consumed correctly and at the proper dose. But we recognize that our industry is rampant with misinformation and egregious claims, and we’re here to combat that by only telling you what we know to be true, and only selling you what we know to be good.

We strive to create the most consistent, fast-acting, bioavailable, scientifically validated CBD products so that you can be confident you’re getting the good stuff.

We promise to be a reliable and trustworthy partner on your journey toward finding relief.

Clinically validated results.

We work with acclaimed universities to test and clinically validate our products. Our most recent study with Colorado State University found Caliper CBD started working within 10 minutes and was absorbed 30x more in the first 30 minutes than standard CBD oil.

Our team.

A science-based approach requires an experienced, technical team that understands food science, food safety, rigorous experimental design, and has the ability to execute on these. Our team is made up of talent from diverse industries, and has decades of experience in new product development, manufacturing & production, food quality analysis, and brand development at some of the nation’s most prestigious institutions. We all believe in providing the best possible product to our consumers, and we work hard every day to make products we can be proud of and you can benefit from.

Meet the Team

We believe...

  • In science. Everything that we make is subject to rigorous analysis.
  • That quality is consistency. And that consistency is quality.
  • In the power of CBD. Not as a cure-all, but as a compound that can help.
  • In people. We hire the best talent we can find, wherever we can find it.
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  • Work with mostly sane, rational individuals
  • Great opportunities for learning and advancement
  • A culture that fosters innovation and process