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You can find CBD anywhere these days—even in pillows. So why do customers choose Caliper CBD products, and why do they keep coming back to them?

It’s pretty simple. Because Caliper actually works for them, time and time again. In fact, it’s the only clinically proven fast-acting CBD.

In a recent human clinical study, researchers at Colorado State University found that Caliper CBD began absorbing in 10 minutes—and was absorbed 30 times more in 30 minutes than standard CBD oil was. (Here’s a link to the study, published in the prestigious journal Pharmaceuticals.)

Or, as Robyn, one of our customers, puts it when she tells her friends about Caliper Swiftsticks: “here’s a CBD that tastes great, and it actually works.”

In fact, our customers are some of our best sources for information about making our clinically proven CBD work in their everyday lives. Here’s what they’re telling us.

Easy daily routines

Many of our customers start their day with Caliper dissolvable powder in their morning coffee or tea, to help ease them through a morning workout or destress a busy workday. They love how it dissolves quickly and easily, without changing the flavor of their morning brew—and that they can count on it to act fast. Pam keeps a canister of Caliper by her coffeemaker, and she’ll sometimes add a packet to her smoothies. She’s tried other CBD products, but found “they don’t work as fast.”

“I absolutely love Caliper CBD,” says Mara R. “It’s tasteless, so you can add it to literally anything–how convenient is that? I usually add it to my coffee and/or oatmeal.” She adds, “Since using Caliper CBD, I have truly noticed a difference…My stress levels are lower, I am able to remain cool, calm, and collected as I deal with job and life responsibilities.”

“You can add [Caliper CBD dissolvable powder] to literally anything—how convenient is that?”

Others make Caliper part of their nighttime routine, to help relax and unwind—like Tony, who finds a before-bed Swiftstick a “game changer!” Peggy likes “the minty fresh taste” of a Cool Mint Swiftstick before she turns in for the night, while Meghan L. sprinkles Caliper dissolvable powder into her bedtime cup of herbal tea.

On the go and on the job

Caliper’s premeasured 20mg packets are easy to carry around—a big plus for anyone who has a busy life (and who doesn’t?). “I’m always on the go, so having a CBD powder all ready to go is so convenient,” says Heather G. And because they don’t need to be mixed with anything—just poured on the tongue—Swiftsticks are perfect for tearing into anytime, anyplace, says Candy—particularly “places where food and/or drinks aren’t allowed,” like a doctor’s or dentist’s office.

Because they don’t need to be mixed with anything—just poured on the tongue—Swiftsticks are perfect for tearing into anytime, anyplace.

They’re “truly great,” adds Liz S. “They work well, and I really think the portability is a significant part of the wow factor…the flavor was good and the effects were close to immediate.”

Many customers adopt the two-Caliper product strategy, like Tristan does: “I use the dissolvable powder everyday in my coffee, but I love having [Swiftsticks] for when I’m out and about. Five stars.” Swiftsticks are a great way to enjoy CBD at work discreetly, say others. “They’re small, discreet, and help me to just chill out,” says Coree. Ashley W. reported enjoying Swiftsticks in the office, too: “It calmed my stress levels enough to focus on the task at hand.”

“I use [Caliper] dissolvable powder everyday in my coffee, but I love having Swiftsticks for when I’m out and about.”

“Hellooooo, desk drawer,” adds Nick. “Love having these at work!”

In truth, it doesn’t take long for a Caliper customer to become a Caliper fan. Because it’s the only clinically proven fast-acting CBD, you can count on it to work fast, every time.  And you don’t have to take our word for it! Just read the reviews for Caliper CBD dissolvable powder and Caliper CBD Swiftsticks. You just might say, as Judy R. did, “I am definitely a Caliper convert!”


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