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Whenever she needs to, Shuang Han knows exactly how to call up her happy place in her mind. To be specific, it’s a sunny July day not long ago on Middle Teton mountain, Wyomingthe third highest in the Teton Range. She’s taking the strenuous Southwest Couloir route with a group of friends, under a bluebird sky. 

“All of us ended up in a ‘flow state’ that day,” she recalls. “It’s hard to describe, but it’s when everything comes together, communication is clear and concise, and a rhythm is established, even on the most difficult parts of the route.” 

“It just felt great to be out there with my friends,” she adds. “Hands down, it was my favorite day in the mountains.” 

Shuang gets to the mountains as much as she can, but working as a controller at our fast-growing company means her workdays are maxed-out busy. On a typical day, “I could be problem-solving with our Director of Finance on how to best approach a long-term media buy, or helping our production department coordinate a machinery purchase,” she says. “There are a lot of details and moving pieces, but that’s what excites me about my role.”

At night, she’s completing her coursework towards getting an MBA from the University of Colorado Denver—and planning her upcoming wedding celebrations. “My biggest stress-inducer is time management. I’m trying to find some semblance of a balance between work, school, and finding time to have fun,” she admits. “Some days I’m better than others!”

For Shuang, making time for fun is a non-negotiable piece of that balance—and it usually happens in the nearby Rocky Mountains. “Weekends are pretty special since I’m limited on free time, so I make every effort to be present in the moment,” she says. “You’ll find me up at 5 a.m. making coffee, packing up snacks, and loading up the car with skis, bikes, or climbing gear. Being in the mountains has always been my happy place.”

Being in the mountains has always been my happy place.”

Shuang first began using Caliper CBD dissolvable powder to help her manage sciatica pain from an old climbing injury. “My old remedy used to be pain relievers, hot compresses, stretching, or just toughing it out. There were nights when I would wake up in pain or couldn’t fall asleep,” she recalls. “When I began to regularly incorporate CBD instead of relying on pain relievers, it was a total shift in how I viewed wellness and recovery. Quieting and calming my mind was an additional benefit before bedtime, too.”

“When I began to regularly incorporate CBD, it was a total shift in how I viewed wellness and recovery.”

She also uses Caliper CBD to help her find clarity and focus on those busy workdays. “I start every morning by adding it to my coffee,” she notes. “It just helps quiet my mind as I face whatever the day brings.” 

Shuang makes sure to throw a few Caliper CBD packets into her backpack whenever she goes skiing, biking or climbing. “I’ll add it to my water bottle, and I’ll sip it so it’s slowly dosed while I’m out there.” Because Caliper dissolves instantly and doesn’t add any flavors, it works with whatever she’s drinking, from electrolyte drinks to plain water. 

Afterwards, she’ll sprinkle a packet in a smoothie or a cup of tea, to help ease her aching muscles and help her chill. “It’s brought me a lot of recovery benefits, and it helps quiet my mind.”

“Managing stress is all about understanding your triggers and adjusting accordingly.”

Over the years, Shuang has developed her own wellness routine–which actually isn’t a routine at all, but simply a commitment to be kind to herself and give herself a break. “I think managing stress in the long run is all about understanding your triggers and adjusting accordingly.”

“As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that it’s ok to ask for help,” she declares, “and to admit that sometimes you can’t do it all.”

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