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It’s Transition Season!

4 Simple Ways to Smooth the Journey

Fall doesn’t officially begin until September 21, but most of us have already entered the Season of Transitions—that time of endings and new beginnings that rolls in every September. That concept has been drummed into our heads since our earliest school days, when September ushered in a new school year and an end to summer vacation.

But this year the transitions might feel more jarring than usual. Perhaps you’re returning to a workplace with lots of new faces and new routines; you might be learning how to “office” again after a long time of working remotely. Or, like many of us who’ve weathered a not-quite-over pandemic, you might be in a different line of work altogether now. Here are a few tips to help you weather the transition season smoothly—and even enjoy the ride.

Embrace the new for newness’ sake.

Remember that excitement you felt as a new school year came around? Along with the brand new notebooks and freshly sharpened pencils in your backpacks, the new term offered a chance for new beginnings and wide-open potential—an annual chance to reinvent yourself. This current season of transition, and the various new normals that come with it, also offer a chance for fresh perspective. It’s an opportunity to do things differently and acquire new skills! Take a cue from those teachers who quickly learned how to teach classes remotely—or the professional kitchens that pivoted to offering creative take-out meal solutions. We all have within ourselves the ability to reawaken that openness to change we were born with. Open your heart to the new, and you might discover new abilities you never knew you had!

We all have within ourselves the ability to reawaken that openness to change we were born with. Open your heart to the new.

Find your anchors.

Sure, things are different in your workplace, but chances are there’s still a lot that remains the same. Maybe everybody’s meeting on video conferencing, but the workplace friendships are stronger than ever. Maybe they’ve even deepened, as everyone got to see what each other’s home lives looked like in screen backgrounds. Maybe everyone’s learned to accept a little chaos and imperfection!

However your work has changed, savor the things you’ve kept constant in your life, whether it’s listening to the same podcasts on your commute, enjoying your favorite packable lunch, or sticking to a regular exercise routine before or after work. Use this transition time to remind yourself of the things you can still count on, that enrich you daily. Those unchanging parts of your daily life can be anchors—helping you manage the newnesses with a stronger sense of balance.

Savor the things you’ve kept constant in your life…they can be your anchors, helping you manage the newnesses with a stronger sense of balance.

Get CBD relief that works with your schedule.

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Ask for help if you need it.

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that all of us need some extra help from time to time. Any changes in your life routines can be stressful, even if they’re “good ones.” If you’re struggling, you don’t have to face your difficulties alone. Talk to a trusted friend or family member, or reach out for professional help from a counselor, who can help you develop coping strategies, empowering you to change what’s not working for you in your life. Ask your doctor to recommend a professional counselor; help is available at all cost levels, including free! You deserve to feel good again, whatever the season.

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