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“Exercise more” was the top new year’s resolution for 2022*—but it’s also one of the toughest goals to stick with. If you’re finding your workout intentions are slipping already, maybe they aren’t recognizing your body’s (and soul’s) need for pleasure, too. It might sound a little woo-woo, but adding some joy to your workout can make all the difference in a resolution you crush–or give up on. Here’s how.

Adding some joy to your workout can make all the difference in a resolution you crush–or give up on.

Check: Does your workout spark joy–or a groan? If your workout just feels like drudgery, that’s a signal to make a change. Try dialing back a bit on the intensity; you can always work up to more as your fitness level rises. Or, switch to another activity you enjoy more, whether or not it maximizes your fitness aims–for example, switching to brisk walking if you really hate running. In the long term your body will benefit more, because you’ll be more likely to keep walking, instead of making excuses for not running. 

Likewise, recognize that you won’t be perfect (who can be?): Some days you’ll only have time for a short workout, or have to skip it altogether. Leave openings for a few off-days every month, so you’re not beating yourself up for being “off track.” 

Time your workout with your inner clock.  Make sure you’re working out at a time of day when you’re at your physical best, and you’ll enjoy it most. If you’re not a morning person, waking up at 5 a.m. to fit in your spin class before work isn’t a sustainable choice for you. Try scheduling your workouts at times when you’re at your energy peak; if you’re a night owl, that might be at the end of the day or even early evening. Or break up your workout sessions into smaller, more manageable chunks. Keep experimenting until you find a rhythm that feels right. 

Work out at a time of day when you’re at your physical best and you’ll enjoy it most; if you’re not a morning person, a 5 a.m. spin class isn’t a sustainable choice.

Let your body benefit from rest. A full workout every single day sounds great, but sure to include rest days to let your body recover. Alternate different exercises on different days–say, working on cardio one day and strength training on the next–to allow time for specific muscle groups to recover, and help prevent overuse injuries. 

Sore? Don’t ignore. If minor aches and pains are keeping you from enjoying your workout, make sure you’re warming up first with some gentle stretches, and taking time to cool down afterwards. And you can take advantage of plant-powered relief, too: Sprinkle Caliper CBD dissolvable powder into your workout water bottle or a post-workout smoothie–or pour a delicious Caliper CBD Swiftstick on your tongue. You’ll get the only clinically proven fast-acting CBD, right when you need it!

Build in fun. All workout and no play makes for a dull routine, and boredom doesn’t bode well for a long-term plan you’ll stick with. Try to switch out your activities regularly, and include socializing and entertainment whenever possible. Shooting hoops with a friend? Playing pickleball with your neighbors? Spinning at the gym with pals instead of alone at home? Going for a nature walk in your favorite local park? All count as workouts, and all feel more like fun.

Boredom doesn’t bode well for a long-term plan you’ll stick with. Switch out your activities regularly, and include socializing  and entertainment whenever possible.

Have a soundtrack. Studies** show that adding music is a powerful way to make your workouts better. It can help increase your stamina, so you’ll be more likely to exercise longer and harder. An energetic beat can push you to pick up the pace, without feeling as fatigued. And even if it didn’t do all those things, adding your favorite music to your workout just puts you in a better mood. Who doesn’t want that any time of day? 

So go forth, work out, and energize, but remember to prioritize your pleasure. Your body and soul deserve it! 



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