Why you'll love Caliper.
Your customers deserve consistent & reliable CBD products that will have them coming back for more.
Superior Science
Superior Science
Clinically proven 6.5x more absorption in the first 15 minutes compared with oil-soluble CBD products (like most CBD tinctures, capsules and gummies).
Clean Flavor
Clean Flavor
Add flavorless Caliper CBD to anything, from coffee to cocktails to cookies — or apply delicious Caliper Swiftsticks directly to the tongue. No grassy or bitter CBD flavor, no oily residue. Just the good stuff!
Rigorous potency testing ensures each packet contains precisely 20mg of CBD, and nothing less. Your health-conscious customers can count on it every time—and that means happier repeat customers.

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Caliper is the product your business has been waiting for. Order online for 2-day delivery and free shipping. Have questions or want to try a sample first?

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We’ve made the math simple so you can focus on what matters most: your business! Order online for 2-day delivery and free shipping, with no order minimum. We guarantee 50% margins on every one of our products. No hidden fees, no taxes, and no shipping costs.

  • What's included As a Caliper wholesaler, you'll have all the knowledge, tools, and marketing collateral you need to succeed. And you'll be paired with a wholesale account manager for dedicated, 1:1 support.
  • Sell Caliper A wholesale application takes just minutes to complete. Give us a little information about your business and we'll get you selling in no time.
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We offer wholesale case pricing with no MOQ.

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We offer wholesale case pricing with no MOQ.

No minimums
We allow easy ordering through our website with free shipping. And you’ll always have a dedicated customer service representative — no MOQs!
Wholesale pricing & packaging
We provide wholesale pricing in a variety of packaging options to fit with your business model.
Always precise.
Caliper provides a consistent, fast-acting 20mg dose of CBD in the form of a truly water-soluble powder. Your health-conscious customers can count on it every time for a daily source of wellness — and that means happier repeat customers. It also allows for easier tracking of inventory when adding it to your menus.
Goes on — or in — anything.
Caliper products are conveniently packaged in individual packets that quickly and cleanly dissolve into hot and cold beverages and foods, or to simply enjoy by themselves. There’s no aftertaste, no oily mouthfeel and no oil slicks.
Happy businesses.
"Caliper CBD is a fantastic wholesale partner for any business looking to explore or expand their CBD offering! The Caliper team goes above and beyond to make every interaction we have with them easy and seamless. We’ve also teamed up on marketing efforts and collaborated on events with great success. And of course their product is top-notch AND effective, so customers love it too! We love working with Caliper CBD."
Lori Cereal Box Inc., Owner and Co-Founder
"The Caliper team is like an extended team to our business. They always go above and beyond with answering any questions and making sure we have the right marketing materials to sell Caliper CBD."
Roger Roger's Cafe
"Before I learned about Caliper CBD we had a CBD oil product for our coffee and smoothies. It was very hard to keep track of inventory and I was always nervous that we were giving too much CBD to each customer. What was even worse was that it made our coffees and smoothies taste bad. Now with Caliper CBD I have complete visibility over inventory, I know how much CBD we are giving to our customers and it doesn't change the taste. Best of all, I'm saving money and we have happier customers."
Sally Sally's Smoothies
Questions about selling Caliper?
Is your website secure?
Yes, Caliper uses a secure server to protect against misuse of credit card information. We do not accept payment via phone.
What forms of payments do you accept online?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, & Discover.
How long does it take to ship?
Most orders ship in 2-3 business days. Orders will be shipped via USPS to arrive within 2-6 business days.
Can I track my order?
Yes, once your order is complete you will receive an order confirmation email with a tracking ID number.
Can I ship internationally?
No, at this time we do not offer international shipping. But we hope to be able to visit you all soon!
Do you ship bulk orders for wholesale?
Yes, apply for a Small Business account to order by the case and sell at your business.

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