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Caliper CBD provides a variety of options for all business types at a wholesale price.

Your customers deserve high quality CBD that will have them coming back asking for more.

Caliper CBD is proven to have 6.5x more absorption in the first 15 minutes vs. oil-soluble CBD.

  • Two CBD formulations were compared in a double-blind absorption study: water-soluble (Caliper CBD) and oil-soluble CBD.
  • Caliper CBD demonstrated a faster onset than oil-soluble CBD (within 15 minutes of ingestion).

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Why you'll love selling Caliper CBD

No minimums, convenient pricing & packaging

Caliper is happy to provide wholesale pricing in a variety of packaging options to fit with your business model. We allow easy ordering through our website with free shipping--and you’ll always have a dedicated customer service representative.

Always Precise.

Caliper CBD provides a consistent, fast-acting 20mg dose of CBD in the form of a truly water-soluble powder. Your health-conscious customers can count on it every time for a daily source of wellness--and that means happier repeat customers. It also allows for easier tracking of inventory when adding it to your menus. 

Goes on--and in--anything

As easy as sweetener and flavorless, Caliper CBD is conveniently packaged in individual packets to quickly & cleanly dissolve into any hot or cold beverages and foods. There’s no aftertaste, no oily mouthfeel and no oil slicks. 

Still not convinced? Don’t just take our word for it!

“Caliper CBD is a fantastic wholesale partner for any business looking to explore or expand their CBD offering! The Caliper team goes above and beyond to make every interaction we have with them easy and seamless. We’ve also teamed up on marketing efforts and collaborated on events with great success. And of course their produce is top-notch AND effective, so customers love it too! We love working with Caliper CBD.”

Lori | Cereal Box Inc., Owner and Co-Founder