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It wouldn’t be Easter or Passover without some delicious treats to look forward to—and this year, their sweetness is even more welcome. We’ve all been doing more home cooking and baking these days, so how about making this year’s celebrations even more joyful, by making your own spring holiday treats with CBD?

Cooking up your treats with CBD is a great way to enjoy the benefits of CBD in a yummy package, but choose your CBD products with care; many are tricky to work with. CBD oils and tinctures can have weird off-flavors and odors, for example—some are super bitter, others “hempy”—and they can be hard to measure and mix accurately (how do you add 56 drops to a recipe, anyway?). And if you’re baking your goodies, remember that some CBD products such as CBD oils and tinctures, can lose some of their potency when exposed to higher temperatures.

Treats are a great way to enjoy the benefits of CBD in a yummy package, but choose your CBD products with care; many are tricky to work with.

You’ll also want to choose a CBD product that you can blend into your ingredients smoothly and completely, so that every portion of the treats you make gets the same amount of CBD. That’s an issue with CBD oils, which can separate from the rest of the ingredients, and with CBD crystals, which may clump and cause uneven mixing. To make sure your CBD treats are the best they can be, start with Caliper CBD dissolvable powder. By design, it’s simply the best way to take—and cook with—CBD.

Here are 6 reasons why Caliper CBD should be your go-to for cooking and baking:

  1. It quickly dissolves in any liquid and mixes smoothly into any food, so you can add it without having to change anything else in the recipe.
  2. You can use that favorite recipe, just as it is!
  3. It’s tasteless and calorie-free, with no sweeteners or gluten, so it won’t affect the taste or nutritional value of your recipes (and you won’t have to add extra ingredients to cover up the bitter or hempy flavors!).
  4. It’s easy to measure. Each Caliper packet contains a precise 20mg dose of CBD, so there’s no need to fumble with droppers or measuring spoons—just tear and sprinkle.
  5. It disperses evenly and easily, so when you mix your batter or frosting, you can be sure every portion of your treat contains the same amount of CBD.
  6. It’s heat-stable at common baking temperatures, so you can bake your CBD treats with confidence knowing you’ll get the same pure CBD quality.
  7. Caliper CBD is better absorbed by the body than CBD oil. A clinical study found that 6.5 times more Caliper CBD is absorbed in the first 15 minutes, compared to CBD oils.* That means the treats you make with Caliper CBD will give everyone who enjoys them a consistent experience!

For cooking and baking with CBD, Caliper CBD dissolvable powder should be your go-to.

You’ve probably got your own favorite recipes for the holidays, so why not give them a healthy twist of CBD this year? With Caliper CBD, you can just sprinkle in the wellness, without changing anything else—and count on the recipe to look and taste the same as always. It’s pure holiday goodness, made even better.

We’ve rounded up a few of our staffers’ spring holiday favorites here (with bonus video of them making them in their own kitchens). Give the recipes a try to make your holidays even sweeter!

1. Relaxing Easter CBD Cupcakes

Integrated Marketing Manager Corinne loves making these adorable, super-easy carrot cupcakes for her friends and family. And, when kids are coming, she offers this tip for keeping their cupcakes CBD-free: “Only mix Caliper into the frosting that goes on the grown-ups’ cupcakes, and give them a different candy garnish to set them apart.”

Get the recipe here.

2. Chocolate Matcha Energy Balls

A little dusting of matcha powder makes these vegan, no-bake chocolatey morsels feel spring-holiday festive, and you can have them just 20 minutes! Art Director Meghan O’Connell’s genius recipe allows for endless riffs, depending on what you have on hand.

Get the recipe here.

3. Orange Julius CBD Cocktails/Mocktails

General Manager Nicole Maione loves to start her Easter brunch with a great cocktail (or four, as this recipe makes). Try her grown-up take on the classic mall orange drink—delicious with or without the alcohol—and enjoy a little extra calm with some Caliper whirled in!

Get the recipe here.

*2019 Colorado State University Phytotherapy Research study.

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