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Oh, hello again, Great Outdoors.

All throughout this stressful winter and pandemic, nature has been out there all along, waiting for you to rediscover it. Time to do all those warmer-weather activities you’ve been dreaming about, and now you can make them even more delicious by bringing Swiftsticks along!

Quick-dissolving Swiftsticks are perfect on-the-go CBD: Just sprinkle on your tongue and let the all-natural Mixed Berry, Cool Mint, or Lemon Lime flavors take over. And because they’re powered by clinically proven fast-acting CBD, you’ll absorb the benefits much faster than with standard CBD—starting in just 10 minutes! 

There’s a Swiftsticks flavor to complement every adventure you’re imagining, adding relief, chill and calm just when you want it most. 

How will you flavor your next adventure? Here are 10 delicious possibilities, from fellow Swiftsticks fans:

  • Take a sunrise or sunset hike in a park or on the beach.  “A Mixed Berry Swiftstick is a perfect match for the berry-pink sky.”
  • Camp, glamp, or pitch a tent in your backyard. “Sprinkling a Cool Mint Swiftstick on a hot, fresh S’more makes a good thing even better.”
  • Go on a photo safari. “Take your camera or cell phone and a Lemon Lime Swiftstick on a photo walk, to find and capture the beauty in the small things.”
  • Take an after-dinner stroll through the neighborhood. “With a cup of peppermint tea and a Cool Mint Swiftstick, you’re ready to chill and chat with the neighbors.”
  • Check out the farmers’ market. “A Mixed Berry Swiftstick works nicely with all the beautiful, seasonal fruit coming in.”
  • Try out a new yard game. “Whether it’s cornhole, bocce, or lawn darts, the citrusy pop of a Lemon Lime Swiftstick helps you stay focused on the fun.”
  • Visit the zoo. “You get a wonderful feeling of connection watching animals just being themselves. The sweet-tart flavors of a Mixed Berry Swiftstick complement the experience perfectly.”
  • Check out your local botanical garden, or garden center. “Surround yourself with green and growing things, and the bright fresh flavors of a Lemon Lime Swiftstick.”
  • Take a breather on the porch or a park bench. “Spring is all about welcoming the new, but we’re all still dealing with the effects of the old. Have a soothing Cool Mint Swiftstick and practice your midday calming mantras.”
  • Plant your garden. “Whether it’s a row in your backyard or a pot on your windowsill, the flavors of a Mixed Berry Swiftstick helps you celebrate all that promise.”

Caliper Swiftsticks are ready to make any outdoor experience happier. Get your flavors on today!



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