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Have you tried new Caliper Swiftsticks yet? There’s no easier, greater-tasting way to get your CBD on the go. Just tear open a packet, sprinkle on your tongue and let it dissolve deliciously—no measuring, no mixing, no mess.  And with three cravable, all-natural flavors to choose from, from Mixed Berry to Lemon Lime and Cool Mint, taking your CBD will feel like a treat.

Best of all, Caliper Swiftsticks aren’t just quick and easy to take, they’re also clinically proven fast-acting. In a recent study, researchers at Colorado State University* compared how people absorbed different forms of CBD. They found that Caliper CBD started absorbing fastest—in just 10 minutes.  What’s more, within 30 minutes, Caliper had more than 30 times more absorption when compared to standard CBD.

With three cravable flavors to sprinkle on your tongue, Swiftsticks make taking CBD on the go feel like a treat. But don’t stop there.

Of course, a quick sprinkle on the go is just one way to enjoy your Swiftsticks. To inspire you, here are a few more ways we love getting our Swiftsticks on. Cheers!

  • A Cool Mint nightcap.  Make a nightly sprinkle of a Cool Mint Swiftstick part of your bedtime ritual. It’ll freshen your breath and help soothe you into snoozing easier.
  • Quench a soda craving. Next time you’re thinking about grabbing a lemon-lime soda, tear into a Lemon Lime Swiftstick instead. Follow up with some refreshing seltzer, and think about all those sugary carbs you just ditched (and the CBD wellness you just gained).
  • Berry Good Frosting. Just before you dig into a chocolate- or vanilla-frosted cupcake or cookie, sprinkle a Mixed Berry Swiftstick on top. Your treat, and your day, just got better!
  • Cool Mint-a-ccino. Sprinkle a swirl of Cool Mint Swiftstick onto the foam topping your favorite coffee drink. You’ll add a hint of mint plus some CBD to take the edge off any java jitters. (Delicious on hot chocolate, too!)
  • Lemon Lime Fruit Cup. Try a sprinkle of Lemon Lime Swiftstick on your favorite cut-up fruit, to give it a little citrus kick and CBD chill. Try mango, pineapple and/or banana chunks.
  • Double Berry Bites. For a snack with benefits, dip strawberries into a little vanilla Greek yogurt, then sprinkle with a Mixed Berry Swiftstick just before popping into your mouth. You’re welcome!

*2021 Colorado State University Pharmaceuticals DOI: 10.3390/ph14010035

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