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Those little packets of Caliper CBD powder are supremely functional. The size of a sugar packet, each one delivers a precise 20 mg dose of dissolvable CBD powder, no measuring needed. They’re small enough to tuck into a pocket, gym bag or backpack, for on-the-go wellness

But let’s face it, they’re kind of cute, too.  This holiday season, our Caliper CBD packets are sparking all kinds of decorative inspo!  Here’s how we’re decking our halls: 

1. Ornaments with Benefits.  

With a small hole punch and some ribbon, you can hang Caliper packets right on the Christmas tree like ornaments, for wellness at the ready all season long. Or for a Christmas morning surprise, get up super early to hang them on the tree, so the household wakes up to an even better day!

2. Garland Glam

How about stringing some Caliper CBD packets, along with popcorn and cranberries, to make a garland for the tree? Or, attach them, ornament-style to an evergreen garland draped over your fireplace. You’ll give new meaning to holiday cheer

3. Days of Wellness.

Place a few packets into festive envelopes to gift on special calendar days, such as the 8 days of Hanukkah, or each day in a  “Surprise a Day” Advent calendar. They’ll open each one with relish.

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