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Imagine all those delicious treats you love to bake and eat. Now, imagine baking in a little extra relief into every bite, by adding some CBD to the recipe. Calming cupcakes or mellow muffins, anyone? Silly titles aside, baking with CBD is a win-win, especially if you’re trying to get more CBD into your life. You won’t forget to take something daily if you’ve found a delicious way to do it!

But there’s a lot that can go wrong when you add CBD to your baking, and maybe you’ve had some bad experiences in the past. Off-flavors and odors are a common problem (you know, that bitter-tasting banana bread that made the whole kitchen smell like weed). And, some CBD products are hard to mix evenly into a batter, which could result in, say, some of your CBD cookies getting a double dose of CBD, while others get nothing.

For best results when you bake with CBD, make Caliper CBD Dissolvable Powder your go-to ingredient. It’s tailor-made for baking and cooking, and you’ll love the delicious results! Here are 4 key reasons why, plus some pro tips and CBD recipes to inspire you.

1. It’s flavorless.

This might seem obvious, but if you don’t like the way your CBD product tastes, you’re not going to like it in your CBD baked goods, either! The hemp flower can taste—well, hempy, and the CBD extracted from it is extremely bitter.

Taste—or better yet, the lack thereof, makes Caliper CBD ideal for baking. Odorless and flavorless, it won’t compromise the taste of your original recipe, so you won’t have to make any adjustments.

Other CBD options aren’t such a sure thing. CBD crystals can be bitter, and broad-spectrum CBD oils or tinctures can have the earthy, grassy tastes of terpenes and other compounds. None of these exactly compliment the flavor of your favorite sugar cookie recipe—and the more CBD you add, the bigger this flavor issue gets. You might need to add a slew of bitterness-cutting sweeteners and “flavor disguisers” like spices, flavor extracts, chocolate and cocoa—or to choose a different recipe altogether. When you’re craving Snickerdoodles, will CBD brownies really do the trick?

2. It’s easy to blend.

Adding quick-dissolving Caliper to your ingredients is simple—just whisk it thoroughly into your dry ingredients, or sprinkle it into your liquid ingredients and blend well. This mixing step is critical, to make sure the CBD is evenly dispersed throughout. Otherwise, you’ll end up with some of your cookies getting a bigger amount of CBD, while others only get a little. As with any baking recipe, homogeneity is key.

If you’re baking with other forms of CBD, you’ll need to do a little more work. CBD crystals can clump and mix unevenly. And CBD oils and tinctures will first need to be mixed well with a fat-based ingredient, like butter or oil, to help distribute the CBD throughout the batter. (If you’re using hemp flower to make your own CBD oil or “cannabutter,” you’ll need to take additional, time-consuming steps of decarboxylating and infusing, too.) If you choose to work with these CBD products, plan on giving your arm or your electric mixer a good workout!

3. It’s easy to measure.

When you add CBD to your recipe, you’ll want to start with a precise amount and make sure it’s completely mixed in, so that every portion—whether it’s a cookie or brownie square, or a slice of cake or bread—always gets a consistent amount. With Caliper CBD, that’s easy: Each packet delivers a precise 20mg dose, no measuring spoons needed, and it disperses quickly and evenly into both liquid or dry ingredients. All you need to do is tear, sprinkle, and blend well.

By contrast, it can be a challenge to measure out other CBD forms. Oils and tinctures, with their droppers, are hard to measure accurately in quantity (how much is, say, 56 drops?). If you choose to bake with a CBD oil or tincture, measure by weight using a kitchen scale, preferably one that allows the precision of measuring in grams.

4. It’s well absorbed.

On its own, CBD oil is a pretty difficult baking ingredient, as it doesn’t mix well with water. That lack of compatibility with water has consequences in the body, too, as its bioavailability (ability to be absorbed into the bloodstream) is also notoriously low. One report, from the World Health Organization estimates that bioavailability of CBD oil is as little as 6%. In other words, when you take CBD oil, as much as 94% of it might not be absorbed!

Bioavailability is what sets Caliper CBD Dissolvable Powder apart. It’s formulated to be highly compatible with water, so it’s easier for the body to absorb. In fact, Caliper CBD was shown in a clinical study to be 6.5 times better absorbed than CBD oils, within 15 minutes.*  It’s worth it to seek out a more bioavailable CBD like Caliper, because you’ll simply get more of the CBD you expect, and deserve!

In short, there’s more than a baker’s dozen good reasons to make Caliper your go-to for your CBD baking. Since it’s flavorless, odorless, and quick-dissolving, you won’t have to add any steps or changes to your favorite recipes. You can easily measure and blend in Caliper, so each serving gets a precise amount of CBD. And Caliper’s excellent bioavailability means your body will absorb more CBD, and get more of CBD’s benefits, in every bite.

Most of all, baking with Caliper CBD means you can enjoy your CBD baked goods without having to compromise. And isn’t that why you bake in the first place?

Here are some of our favorite CBD recipes to get you started.

CBD Lemon Bars

Everyone’s favorite on the cookie tray! And, with Caliper CBD in the tender, buttery crust, they’re truly mellow yellow. Find the recipe here!

Gluten-Free CBD Snickerdoodles

Developed by one of our food scientists/serious foodies, this foolproof recipe is a great way to satisfy a snickerdoodle craving, with a healthy CBD bonus. Find the recipe here!

Vegan Peanut Butter CBD Cookies


Coconut oil gives these not-too-sweet cookies a wonderful texture and flavor. Find the recipe here!

Double Chocolate CBD Brownies

Sure, brownies are the classic vehicle for cannabis – but we believe the brownie recipe should also be the most delicious one ever. Try this fudgy version, with its classic crackly top and chewy edges, and you’ll be glad you decided to enjoy your CBD this way. Find the recipe here!

*2019 Colorado State University Phytotherapy Research Study.

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