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When you’re making your holiday gift shopping list, a few names always seem to rise to the top. You know, those great people you want to get something special for, but don’t always hit the target (we’re looking at you, heated slippers).

This year, you can live up to those good intentions without breaking a sweat or schlepping heavy shopping bags. This year, give them Caliper CBD. It’s plant-powered wellness they’ll all appreciate!

We can think of at least 5 good candidates for a CBD holiday gift right now:

1) The Multitasker.

That person who always has too much on their plate, but somehow manages? The parent juggling daycare/soccer practice and drama rehearsals? The super-competent work colleague? Got ‘em covered. Not only do they deserve to feel great with CBD, they deserve fast and dependable CBD. Caliper is absorbed up to 4.5 times better than standard CBD oils, within 15 minutes.

2)  The Weekend Athlete

Whether they’re training for a marathon or devoted to their hot yoga class, anyone who puts their body to the test will love CBD relief that fits into their life. They can easily tuck Caliper CBD packets into their gym bag or ski jacket pocket—or mix it instantly into a bottled water or recovery smoothie. Wherever they go, Caliper can come too

3) The College Student.

Between exams, extracurriculars and job- or internship-hunting pressures, that student in your life could sure use a wellness break. How about sending a “take care of yourself” gift right when they need it most? A care package filled with Caliper CBD is clinically proven to make college students 352% happier than one full of cookies. (Okay, we just made that up. But they’ll love it!)

4) Your Parents.

You know they’re CBD-curious. They’re hearing about “this CBD thing” from their book club or walking pals, but don’t know where to start or whom to trust. They’ll appreciate that you did the homework for them and found a clean, pure CBD that’s tested with the highest standards in the industry to confirm safety, potency, and no THC.

5) You.

Don’t forget to plan ahead for your own wellness. Don’t you deserve to gift yourself some Caliper CBD? This buy two, get one free offer makes it easy. Snap it up while it lasts!  

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