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Got a long gift list this holiday season? Don’t stress it! CBD is the gift everyone really wants, so make Caliper CBD your go-to gift solution. You’ll be amazed at how many situations it’s perfect for—like these: 

1. Stuff a Stocking with CBD.

We didn’t design it that way, but a 10-pack of Caliper CBD is the perfect size for a Christmas stocking—and gets a lot more smiles than another polar bear figurine from Aunt Gertrude

2. Give an (actually wanted) White Elephant Gift.

Got an office holiday party gift swap? Instead of yet another gag gift, give Caliper. You’ll break the mold by giving something the recipient will truly appreciate (and never re-gift!).

3. Give Some “Packet a Day” Wellness.

Wellness works best when it’s an everyday habit. So how about gifting envelopes to open daily, each with a Caliper packet or two inside? Caliper makes a fabulous daily reward in an Advent Calendar or for 8 nights of gifts for Hanukkah. Or tuck some packets into a “Start Your Day Right” gift basket, with some muffins, jam, and tea/coffee.

4. Make a Holiday CBD Travel Pack.

Loved ones visiting for the holidays? Send them off with a pack of Caliper CBD to make the trip home sweeter! Because it’s derived from hemp and contains no THC, Caliper CBD can safely go along on trains, planes, and automobiles (and fits nicely in a carry-on).

5. Mail it.

CBD is perfectly legal to mail anywhere in the US. Heck, we do it every day! Have us ship it for you, or wrap a 10-or 30-pack and mail it yourself. You’ll make someone very happy!

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