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A recently completed study at Colorado State University confirms that Caliper CBD is exceptionally well absorbed by the body ‒ some 450% percent better than traditional oil-based CBD products.

More about the study.

In a double-blind pilot study led by CSU Food Scientist Tiffany L. Weir, 10 healthy adults took a 30 mg dose of CBD, either in a water-soluble or oil-based format. The researchers then drew blood samples at regular intervals over the next 6 hours to measure how much CBD was absorbed, and how long it took to reach peak effects.

What they found was that, compared with the oil-based CBD, water-soluble Caliper CBD was absorbed much more efficiently into the bloodstream, reaching detectable levels within 15 minutes and peak effects around 54 minutes. By contrast, oil-based CBD didn’t reach peak concentrations until 90 minutes ‒ nearly twice as long!

When total absorption profiles of both forms were compared, Caliper CBD was found to be 4.5 times more bioavailable than the oil-based formulation. In practical terms, that means 450% more CBD was absorbed by the test subjects when it was delivered as Caliper CBD.

Why bioavailability matters.

CBD is notoriously hard for the body to absorb, because it’s a lipophilic (“fat-loving”) molecule that dissolves best in oil. Our bodies, though, are around 60 percent water. Oil and water don’t mix, so it’s not surprising that when we ingest oil-based CBD in different forms, as much as 94 percent of it might not be absorbed.

So, quite simply, finding a more absorbable form of CBD can help you better know how much CBD you are actually taking. And from a practical standpoint, when you absorb more, you’ll get more of the CBD benefits you paid for.

This University-validated research is also important because it’s one of the first to objectively measure, with human subjects, how different forms of CBD are taken up by the body. Research involving cannabis products has long been restricted by federal law, so (as the researchers noted), “to date, there have been very few human studies on the pharmacokinetics of CBD.”

This important study adds to our body of knowledge about how CBD works. With thousands of CBD-containing foods, beverages and supplements now flooding the marketplace, that knowledge is more important than ever.

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