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There are so many ways to take CBD these days—and such a wide variety of prices. How can you make sure you’re making the best choice, and getting the most value from what you’re buying? One way is to look at your CBD’s bioavailability.

What is CBD Bioavailability?

Bioavailability measures how well and how quickly a substance is absorbed into your body. But many products made with CBD that you take by mouth—like capsules, gummies, or oils you add to your morning coffee or mix into a smoothie—are notorious for having low or unpredictable bioavailability.

That’s because CBD is an oily substance: Our bodies are around 60 percent water, and oil and water don’t mix. One report estimates that bioavailability of CBD oil is as little as 6%. In other words, when we take CBD oil, as much as 94% of it might not be absorbed.

When we take CBD oil, as much as 94% might not be absorbed.

Why CBD Bioavailability Matters.

When you ingest something that’s highly bioavailable, you’re getting more of what you paid for, because you’re absorbing all of it, or nearly all. with so many forms of CBD to choose from, you’ll get the most value when you pick the most bioavailable form. It’s just that simple!

Caliper: Better CBD Bioavailability by Design.

When we created Caliper CBD powder we designed it to be highly compatible with water. (You can see it for yourself: Just sprinkle Caliper CBD powder in a glass of water and watch it instantly and completely dissolve.) Better water solubility means it can be absorbed more directly into the bloodstream, and that means better bioavailability.

But we didn’t want to just guess at the bioavailability of Caliper—we wanted proof. So we put it to the test, in an independent bioavailability study with Colorado State University.

When the CSU researchers gave Caliper CBD to a test group of healthy adults and measured their blood levels of CBD over 6 hours, they found that compared to oil-based CBD, water-soluble Caliper CBD was 4.5 times more bioavailable. In practical terms, that means 450% more CBD was absorbed by participants when it was delivered as Caliper CBD powder.

Water-soluble Caliper CBD is 4.5 times more bioavailable than oil-based CBD.
Water-soluble Caliper CBD is 4.5 times more bioavailable than oil-based CBD.

They also found that Caliper CBD powder was absorbed much faster than CBD oil—with detectable levels in the bloodstream within 15 minutes, and peak levels around 54 minutes. By contrast, oil-based CBD didn’t reach peak concentrations until 90 minutes ‒ nearly twice as long!

That difference is huge. Imagine you’re paying for $5 worth of gas in your car. At one gas station you get 1 gallon; in another, you get 4½ gallons. Which gas station would you go back to the next time you need to fill your tank? The one that gets you more gallons of gas for your money.

It’s worth it to seek out a more bioavailable CBD, because you’ll simply get more value from what you paid for. You deserve nothing less.

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