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Caliper CBD was formulated to be quickly absorbed and fast acting—and now a rigorously designed study confirms both. The study, conducted independently at Colorado State University in human subjects, found that Caliper was absorbed within just 10 minutes after ingestion—and, within 30 minutes, over 30 times more Caliper had been absorbed, compared to CBD oil.

The research, published in a special issue of the prestigious medical journal Pharmaceuticals, is a breakthrough in our understanding of the pharmacokinetics of CBD—that is, the path CBD takes in the body when it’s ingested. CBD is notoriously difficult for the body to absorb when it’s consumed, because it’s primarily an oily substance. Our bodies, which are around 60 percent water, don’t readily take up CBD (that’s one reason why it can take up to an hour before you start to absorb the benefits of some CBD oils, tinctures, or edibles!).

In the study, researchers gave 15 men and women, aged 21 through 62, a 30-mg dose of Caliper CBD in the three different formats it’s commercially available—as Caliper CBD powder, and as two different Caliper liquid concentrates (which are designed for use in food, supplements and beverages such as CBD seltzers). They compared the absorption profiles of each with those of two controls—an oil-based CBD tincture, and unemulsified CBD isolate—the formats that represent the most common ways consumers take CBD today.

Importantly, the study followed rigorous research protocols: It was double-blind, meaning neither the researchers nor the subjects knew which products they were being given. It also used a crossover design, so that each participant received each product in a random order and each served as their own control, ensuring that the results accounted for the differences in people’s individual body chemistries.

The study is a breakthrough in our understanding of the path CBD takes in the body when it’s ingested.

To measure how each product was absorbed, the researchers took blood samples at different points over a 6-hour period. The results showed that all of the Caliper product formats were absorbed much faster than either control, with detectable absorption in just 10 minutes. By contrast, the control products took as long as an hour to start absorbing!

The study is vital, objective confirmation that when you take Caliper CBD, you’ll start absorbing the benefits quickly and predictably. And it follows on the heels of another CSU study published in Phytotherapy Research, which found Caliper CBD to be 4.5 times more bioavailable than oil-based CBD.

The work provides confirmation that when you take Caliper CBD, you’ll start absorbing the benefits quickly and reliably.

The Caliper studies also stand out because they were conducted in humans—a rarity in the CBD industry, which “simply lacks basic scientific research and substantiation,” said Christopher Bell Ph.D., Associate Professor and Director of the Integrative Biology Lab at CSU, who led the research team. Many CBD products make claims to “high bioavailability” or “better absorption” based on studies with lab animals, or extrapolate from research conducted with similar, non-cannabinoid substances like curcumin (turmeric). “We partnered with Caliper because they share our drive to better understand CBD and its effects on the human body,” Bell noted, “which was why testing with humans—and publishing the results in a peer-reviewed journal—was essential.”

Caliper’s commitment to research continues, with more studies underway at CSU and other accredited research institutions. “Caliper cares about the process as much as the data,” explains Caliper General Manager Nicole Maione, “and we want to move this industry forward by developing CBD products that meet their label claims.”

So, when you choose Caliper CBD you can be sure you will always be getting CBD that’s solidly backed by science!

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