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After a wasted Spring sheltering in place, our bodies crave the great outdoors: Summer fun is beckoning, and social distancing doesn’t have to stop you! Happily, there are plenty of ways to get fresh air, sunshine and nature while still staying safe—and we’ve collected a few of our favorites here to inspire you.

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1. Swimming. Swimming is a great way to keep cool as long as you’re able to keep a safe distance from other swimmers. If nearby pools and beaches are crowded, seek out less-traveled local lakes or creeks.  Start your search with your local Parks and Recreation department.

2. Paddling. Another way to enjoy the water safely: Solo-powered watercraft, like paddleboards, single-person kayaks and canoes, have social distancing built in!

Try solo-powered watercraft, like kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards—the social distancing (and fun) is built in.

3.Bird Watching. Isn’t it about time you learned about the birds whose songs you hear every time you go outdoors? Birding gets you outside with a purpose—and all you need is a pair of binoculars, a field guide and your curiosity. The Audubon Society has some tips to get you started.

4. Biking. With many people still working from home due to COVID restrictions, there are fewer cars on the road these days. It’s a perfect time to get out your bike, and it’s easy to keep your distance between you and other riders. Apps like or Google Bike Maps can point you to the safest paths.

COVID silver lining: With fewer cars on the road, it’s a perfect time to road bike.

5.Hiking. Lace up some sturdy shoes and get outside at your own pace! Beat the crowds by hiking at off-peak hours and choosing offbeat, less-popular trails that will give you room to breathe freely and safely (check out to find a trail near you).

6. Fishing. This sport is easy to do solo or with companions you can keep at a safe distance (say, a pole’s length apart!). Be sure to wear a mask, and if you’re fishing from a boat, make sure it’s big enough to give everyone plenty of room. Check out to find a spot near you.

7. Forest Bathing. This Japanese practice is becoming popular all over the world, and it’s easy to see why! Taking time to simply be in a forest atmosphere and connecting to it through all your senses, can be calming and restorative. All you need is a place with trees; no phone or camera, just you. Doesn’t that sound healing already? Get more tips here.

No wonder forest bathing is popular: All you need is a place with trees; no phone or camera, just you.

8. Disc Golf. If you haven’t tried this fun and user-friendly sport, now’s the time! Tossing discs into baskets along a course, you and your companions can keep a safe distance apart as you strategize and compete. Find a local course here, or set up one on your own with minimal equipment.

9. Outdoor Fitness Classes. Check your gym or community center to find out where you can catch a class outdoors, such as yoga on the beach, tai chi in the park or boot camps in the park. Be sure to bring your mask along! And, if nothing’s available, try streaming an online fitness class from the comfort (and fresh air) of your backyard!

10. Kite Flying. As the Banks family in Mary Poppins discovered, flying a kite is a freeing, fun escape. And it just happens to be perfect for social distancing! Dig out that old kite (or make your own) and find a windy spot.

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