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It takes a lot of steps and talented people to bring you our Caliper CBD dissolvable powder. But the very first step is the most important: When a hemp seed is planted in the earth, and the hemp plant begins to take root.

The hemp plant contains hundreds of cannabinoids—compounds unique to the cannabis sativa family of plants, whose potential health-giving properties are now beginning to be studied, and better understood. Among them is cannabidiol, or CBD—the heart and soul of our Caliper CBD products.

In fact, CBD is just one reason why hemp is one of nature’s most useful gifts to the world. Hemp has been a vital crop throughout world history, and even to our own country’s founding (more about that here). Hemp provides fiber for cloth, ropes, and paper; oil for fuel, paint and medicines, as well as nourishment in its nutrient-packed seeds and the foods made from them. It even helps improve the soil it’s grown in!

CBD is just one of the reasons why hemp is one of nature’s most useful gifts to the world.

At Caliper, we know we owe everything we are to the incredible hemp plant. That’s why we work hard to make sure the hemp we use to make our CBD products is the “good stuff” that nature intended. Our suppliers work only with farmers who responsibly grow and harvest their hemp, and our Supplier Assurance Program sets the highest standards for ensuring all the hemp material we work with is non-GMO and free of pesticide residues, heavy metals, and other contaminants.  And, our hard-working quality control team makes sure that in every step we take to make Caliper, we’re following the safest, cleanest procedures and using only superior, natural ingredients.

Besides our CBD, we count on Nature’s bounty to give us the other ingredients that go into Caliper. That includes the coconut-based MCT oil that helps keep our CBD formulation stable, and ensures it’s well absorbed by the body.  (MCTs are medium-chain triglycerides—the scientific term for a type of fat found in dairy products, as well as coconuts and palm fruit.)  While it’s cheaper to use MCT oil made from palm kernel oil, as some CBD companies do, we don’t want to be a part of the harm palm oil processing has done to rainforests and wildlife in the areas where it’s grown and harvested. We prefer coconut oil-based MCT oil as a much more sustainable choice.

We prefer using coconut-oil-based MCT oil as a more sustainable choice.

Sorbitol is a naturally occurring sugar found in many fruits and vegetables—and when we make Caliper CBD powder, we use a small amount of sorbitol made from non-GMO corn. It helps us transform CBD into a powder form, and also enables our powder to dissolve smoothly in liquids. And, because sorbitol is mildly sweet—about half as sweet as table sugar—it also helps a little to balance out the natural bitterness of CBD.  We also counterbalance that CBD bitterness with a little natural flavoring, derived from botanical extracts.

At Caliper, we’re grateful for the powerful, healing ingredients nature gave us to work with. You can count on us to be thoughtful about the ways we turn those ingredients into products that make our lives on Earth a little better.  Try Caliper and experience the natural goodness for yourself!

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