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CBD waters seem to be everywhere these days, and no wonder. Just like hard seltzers (but without the buzz), they’re a low-cal or no-cal way to refresh and relax—with a little something extra. Think of them as a beverage with benefits. CBD waters make taking CBD as simple as—well, drinking water. Even better: They’re super-easy to make yourself! Here’s why you’ll want to drink up.

What is CBD water and why is it so popular?

CBD water is just like it sounds: water—plain, sparkling or flavored—that has been infused with CBD (a.k.a. cannabidiol). Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past three years or so, you already know that CBD is a beneficial, non-intoxicating compound that’s extracted from the hemp plant.

It’s easy to see why CBD waters are becoming a popular way to take CBD. We all drink water, so they’re a great way to take CBD without having to do anything out of the ordinary (such as putting a tincture dropper under your tongue). CBD-infused waters are the easiest way to feel the benefits of CBD every day, while keeping your body hydrated.

CBD-infused waters are the easiest way to feel the benefits of CBD every day, while keeping your body hydrated.

What to look for when you buy

When you’re shopping for a CBD water, you’ll find all kinds of magical-sounding ingredients, and prices to match. Some brands tout the purity of their water sources, whether they’re from ancient springs or mountain snows, or with naturally occurring minerals. The waters may be reverse osmosis filtered or ozonated—and maybe flavored with pure, organic fruit extracts or herbs.

But don’t let all that wizardry distract you from considering the most important ingredient in the drink: the CBD. As with any CBD product, you should always read the label carefully before you buy. Be sure to check:

1) How much CBD?  The amount of CBD should be clearly spelled out on the Nutrition Facts label, in a specific amount (not just a vague term like “hemp extract”). Compare brands to make sure you’re getting the amount of CBD you want, as they vary a lot: some CBD waters have as much as 50 mg per serving, while others may only have 2 mg! Don’t forget to verify what’s considered on the label as “one serving.” It might be more or less than what you planned to drink (and if so, your CBD dose will be different than what’s shown).

Compare brands: Some CBD waters have as much as 50 mg per serving, others only 2 mg!

2) Any calories or sweeteners? Depending on the quality and how it’s processed, CBD can be bitter. Really bitter. To mask that taste, many brands of CBD waters add flavors and sweeteners. That’s fine, as long as you know what you’re getting. If you drink a lot of sweetened CBD water you’re probably getting extra calories you hadn’t bargained on, maybe without even noticing.

If you drink a lot of sweetened CBD water, you’re probably getting extra calories—maybe without even noticing.

(How? Studies show that our bodies don’t recognize “liquid calories” as well as we do calories from solid foods. That is, we don’t tend to compensate for calories we drink by eating less food later. And those extra calories can add up if it’s a daily habit!)

Are you off the hook, then, if you choose “zero calories” or “sugar-free” CBD waters? Maybe, but it still pays to read the label. Check for artificial sweeteners like aspartame if you’re trying to avoid them–and remember, “sugar-free” isn’t necessarily calorie-free.

3) What’s the expiration date? Research suggests that the quality of CBD and other cannabinoids can degrade over time, especially if they’re exposed to light and air. Make sure there’s a “best by” or “sell by” date on the package, and plan to drink the CBD water within that time frame. This is especially important if the CBD water is in a clear bottle in a lighted display case, where it’s prone to deteriorating more quickly. For best results look for products in light-blocking opaque bottles or cans. And, to minimize exposure to air, consume them soon after opening.

Which CBD is best for DIY CBD water?

For best results when you make your own CBD water, use a good-quality water-soluble CBD powder.

Caliper CBD is tailor-made for CBD water, because it dissolves quickly and cleanly into any liquid, in seconds—no stirring needed! And, it’s tasteless and calorie-free, so you don’t have to add sweeteners or flavorings (unless you want to), with no worries about added calories.

Caliper CBD’s dissolvable packets provide a precise 20 mg amount of CBD; so you don’t have to fumble with measuring scoops or droppers. And, once mixed, Caliper CBD is also highly stable, so there’s no need to shake or stir your CBD water often to keep it evenly dispersed. You’ll get the exact amount of CBD you expect, from the first drop to the last.

How to make CBD water

DIY CBD water is so easy, it almost isn’t a recipe. Just start with your favorite type of water (filtered, spring or tap), and stir in water-soluble CBD powder. Then, if desired, add a splash of any flavoring or sweetener you like, from citrus zest and fruit juices to fresh herb sprigs or berries, and maybe a splash of maple syrup or agave, or stevia. It’s just that simple!

For a refreshing (and calorie-free) pick-me-up, try this Cucumber-Citrus-Mint CBD Water. Brimming with nourishing antioxidants and the soothing coolness of cucumber and fresh mint, it’s the perfect way to chill.

(Don’t forget to stock up on the most important ingredient!)

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