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Exploring A CBD Certificate of Analysis:  Part 2 of a Series

Cannabinoid Results (Potency):

Are You Getting all of the CBD You’re Paying for?

Before you buy any CBD product (including ours!), be sure to check that its cannabinoid content is tested by an accredited third-party laboratory, with results available on a Certificate of Analysis (COA).

Why do you even have to do this? In a perfect world, you shouldn’t have to. When you buy a CBD product, you should be able to find the amount of CBD it contains clearly spelled out on the label —and you should be able to trust the numbers. But we don’t live in that world quite yet.

Unfortunately, there are no federal regulations governing how accurately companies test and report their CBD levels. That means that for many CBD products, you can’t trust that you’re even getting what’s on the label. A 2017 analysis found that nearly 70 percent of all CBD products sold online contained more or less CBD than claimed—and some 21 percent contained detectable THC (tetrahydrocannabinol —another cannabinoid that’s responsible for the “high” in marijuana). Another found that just 2 out of 24 CBD products tested contained the amount of CBD they claimed on their labels!

At Caliper, we think you deserve to get all the CBD you’re paying for, and no surprise unwanted ingredients. We’re committed to providing you with the accurate labeling and validated testing results you can trust. Here’s how we do it.

Our Cannabinoid Results

The “Cannabinoid Results” section of our COA tells you what cannabinoids are present in your Caliper CBD, and their potency. It confirms that when you choose Caliper CBD, you are getting only CBD—nothing more, nothing less.

We know the cannabinoid content is the most important part of our Caliper CBD, so we test it rigorously. We understand that concentrations of CBD can vary as a product goes through production steps, so we monitor it at every point of the production process. We require suppliers to verify the amount of CBD in their products with certification from accredited third-party labs, and we use Botanacor Laboratories, a leading cannabinoid testing company to conduct additional testing. We also reconfirm potency in our own, accredited testing laboratory.

What We Measure

CBD – This is the percentage of CBD, by weight (%w/w), that makes up Caliper CBD dissolvable powder. (The other ingredients used to formulate Caliper make up the remaining volume.)

Δ-9 THC – This value reports the percentage of THC detectable in the product. While legally allowable to be as high as 0.3%, we require Caliper to contain no detectable THC—so you can consume it with confidence.

Total Cannabinoids –  This value measures the percentage of all detectable cannabinoids in the product. Since Caliper is made only with CBD and no other cannabinoids, this value is equal to the CBD percentage.

What It All Means

The quality of our testing and the integrity of our reporting means that when you choose Caliper CBD, you can rest assured that each and every packet will contain the same, precise amount of CBD —and you don’t need to worry about getting THC or any of the “high” associated with it. We stand by our numbers, so you can, too.

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