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A pandemic, a tumbling economy, record-breaking floods and fires, and a polarizing election? That’s just some of what made 2020 a dumpster fire. But for many, it was also a turning point to discover new strengths and find ways to prioritize wellness. Here’s how 4 inspiring people are heading into 2021, with a fresh, healthy perspective.

“The way I feel now is just content, which is wonderful.”

Kirstin Bencomo

In early 2020, Kirstin was filled with courage and optimism. A graphic designer who loved helping clients tell their stories, she’d just taken a leap to launch a freelance career at hellokirstin and was happily planning her wedding. Then came Covid, and its fallout on her income stream. “For a lot of my clients, their work was a side hustle,” she explains. “Many lost their jobs, and that trickled down to my main hustle.” The next few months were “stressful and scary” as she went on unemployment.

But the year was also filled with revelations and joys. Kirstin and her wife got married, and realized that it was the perfect time to start pursuing their dream of opening a coffee shop together. “We’d always wanted to have a safe place where queer people can meet and feel safe and loved, and become regulars,” she says. Today, she’s working at a bakery, getting hands-on lessons in food preparation as the couple plans their next steps. And she’s rethinking the hyper-stressed, “go-go culture I used to live in, which was all about hustling, and rest was never prioritized.”

Throughout a year of ups and downs, “Caliper has become my stabilizer,” Kirstin admits. “It has really helped me change my outlook—and give my mind and body the rest it needs.” She starts her day with 2 packets of Caliper CBD in her coffee—preferably on her balcony with her dog, enjoying the sunshine. “As tough as this year has been, I’m genuinely grateful for a lot of the things I learned.”

“We’re all creatures of habit.”

Christopher Greco

Meet Christopher, the outgoing customer experience expert with a black belt in judo and jiu jitsu and strong love for sushi by day, YouTube host Guapo Grande focusing on local mom and pop restaurants by night. Along with a full-time job, Chris had just begun filming season two of his show when the pandemic hit, forcing a change to filming at home. “I kind of had to revamp—and that’s when I started doing different shows, cooking home meals and taping it. That was pretty difficult to do since I have a full-time job, but it inspired me to cook more,” he said.

Reflecting on 2020 being the year that it was, Chris is refocusing his sights on another busy year of cooking, growth and laughs. His advice on starting 2021 on the right foot? Build a healthy habit. While most of his life as Guapo Grande he got his workouts in a dojo or wrestling ring, he’s now getting his workout from a professional studio and eating vegetarian meals with his fiance five days a week.

After one of those workouts was when Chris first tried Caliper. “I was having a backache or shoulder ache, so I put one of the little packets in my coffee. Within 15 minutes I was telling my fiance ‘holy cow, it actually works!’” he said. “Tinctures can take an hour, or even two hours, to really feel something. You could binge watch two episodes while waiting for a tincture to happen, but it’s right away with Caliper.”

“Now, it’s the first thing I do in the morning.”

“It enables me to do more. Whether that’s hiking, or whatever I’m doing, I can just do more of it.”

Mary Halm

While many were waiting for the new year to start fresh, Mary was busy hiking—logging 63 miles in a single month. When the pandemic prevented her from attending most of her grandchildren’s sporting events, Mary rediscovered herself through her love of the outdoors—something she did as a teenager and plans to build on in the new year. “I want to keep increasing my mileage when I hike,” she said, “and of course trying to eat better to fuel that.”

Mary advocates consistency as the key, whether it’s hiking miles with her dog or practicing positive life changes for a better year. After taking Caliper during both the morning and before bed or up to three times throughout the day, it wasn’t just her that noticed the changes. “My kids could tell I was doing something different before I even told them that I was taking it,” she said. “And then adding the hiking on top of that, I’m just so much more in touch with myself. I’m not that wound-tight person anymore.” She encourages others to try CBD, healing by moving forward, and not letting anything hold them back.

“No matter what reason you have that’s bringing you to thinking about trying it, just try it and give it some time and see if it helps,” she says. “There’s really nothing to lose in trying it. Because it can change your life.”

“I became a believer pretty quick when I saw the personal results.”

-Jeff Redding

The outdoors has always been Jeff’s happy place, especially with his bow and arrows on board. “I love to bowhunt. It’s my passion, it’s my pastime.” As an independent sales representative for sporting goods manufacturers, he was busier than ever in 2020. “I was fortunate to be in an industry that did well during the pandemic. People put down their electronics and rediscovered the love of doing things outside.”

But Jeff’s favorite pastime also took a toll on his body. “If I’m out chasing elk and I’m on the hillsides all day long, my joints are pretty sore by the end of the day.” So he’s learned to turn to Caliper for relief, taking a Mixed Berry Swiftstick at night. “The next day I’ll wake up and be able to put 12 miles on my boots. That’s a completely different ballgame from waking up sore and achy, and mentally losing my edge from being too sore to go up that next hill.”

“Taking Caliper before bed is a routine that’s stuck with me,” he adds, and part of a nightly process of getting himself into a relaxed state that helps him rest easier. “As soon as I walk into my bedroom, it’s sitting right on top of my dresser. I’ll take one, crawl into bed and watch a show for 30 minutes, but I barely make it through that time, before I’m fast asleep.”

Considering his goals for 2021, Jeff reflects on how the pandemic closed schools and forced him and his wife to work from home. “We had to learn how to do that dance—but we also became a lot closer and a lot stronger as a family.” This year, he plans to keep going outside as much as possible, “and bring the whole family along.”

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